Friday, July 18, 2008

Super Easy Baby Legwarmers


This really is meant to be more of a guide than a strict pattern.

Cast on the number of stitches you need to get around the circumference of baby's leg in stockinette just above the knee - the fattest part. (I cast on 42 sts for ~6" around) in the round. Knit in K1P1 rib for 1 inch, carrying an elastic thread for 2 rounds. Continue (for as long as you want - apporximate length of baby's leg or if you want them to match, for full repeats of self patterning yarn). 1 Inch before the end, K1P1 rib. Finish with EZ’s Stretchy sewn bind off (this will be the cuff end - you can modify with fancy edges, if you'd like).

A possible modification is to apply puff paint to the knees if you have linoleum or polished wood floors. It also will help if you carry a thread of elastic in the first few rounds to help hold them up - the cast on edge is better as the "top".

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